The Escodrion Wiki is slowly flourishing with two languages available and perhaps another one coming one day.
Word of the day: raidemt [ɹai'd̪ɛmt̪] (noun.)
• success; the achievement of one's aim or goal
"Word" of the day: kauē-setr ['kaʌə sɛt̪ɹ] (numeral.)
• twelve (cardinal number)
Enterdese New Year commenced today at approximately 10:32 PM (GMT+1) it was accompanied by a solemn listening of the Enterdese National Anthem. I wish everyone a Happy New Year (Maasa Galena Homyten)!
Word of the Day: rāl [ɹaːl] (noun.)
• end; the final point of something in space or time
Word of the Day: khiewe [kʰi'ɛwɛ] (noun.)
• basket; a lightweight container, generally round, open at the top, and tapering toward the bottom
Word of the Day: nydarin [nɪ'd̪aɹin] (verb.)
• to bring; to transport something toward somebody or something
Sometime about now a year ago the website was first created.
Time flies like an arrow (Etamenrae lufduns le ko angsōtr)
An approximate sound rendering of "the Lord's Prayer" in Enterdese, done by a TTS machine. The original text:
Ērn Darel,
Some om Avesma tans
Sen ako tans amnastra
Sen kovimgal venransī
Sen eivarot rojensī
Ora akstret le ailen om Avesma.
Samansī fed ērak ērn amssersta vastest
Vyn wasirensī ērak ērn treoum
Le ēr wasireno notum, some chor ērak treono
Vyn joshoransī ērak fed varhysom cymo,
Ehēr baslirkensī ērak lor eirman
In the spirit of today's Remembrance/Armistice/Veterans Day, I give to you a poem, written by me and influenced by the Great War


A field, pockmarked with holes. 
No-man's land, with forgotten soldiers, 
Former foes, now friends, 
Resting on the same plane. 
The endless coils of barbed wire, 
Like the claws of a vulture, 
Tearing the flesh of it's victim. 
The guns open up 
And the air is rent with the heat of bullets. 
Shells explode overhead 
In a symphony of sound and colour. 
The terrible beauty of the scene... 
The firestorm, threatening to engulf the trenches, 
Dark rain descending upon them. 
And suddenly, silence. 

Ko celede, ursa heghā argum
Cvartero, heghā tepora imenerum,
Anydaio ahrashum, et soerum,
Myērn emthoweno ora ami outys.
Andvā stomum uv ireghar,
Le bokum uv ko khrios,
Kruzens apiehosdūr uv men tvomo.
Bandveleum frino
Vyn uft uv sōtrum hroens eel
Isōtum azvaamen kat
Jin opulienav uv opuliet vyn ferrus.
Ouksavana laferrion uv oustano...
Urbratermorus straurlevens cielven akstroitum,
Haalana ath raons tad myērak.
Vyn atyrio, greopulor.